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Secondary school in the suburb of Saint Petersburg
The concept offers a construction of a complex of buildings of high school in Kurort district in Saint Petersburg. The plot is located in a picturesque country area, and surrounded by wood and cottages.

Despite the solid volume of new construction, the concept suggests total integration to the existing environment, both with the spatial characteristics, specific façade materials and user-friendly landscaping. The shapes of the buildings emerge as an organic, natural structure, which, as a plant delicately and smoothly grows through the surrounding space. From the other angle, the school, the other way around complex absorbs the landscape between its fluid and expanding framework, improving the existing greenery to some elaborate open courtyards. Different functional blocks are located around the central square. The school building occupies the eastern part, facing the patio with its public spaces wings and open gallery. To the west there is broad campus complex for 2000 students and a residential area for teachers and stuff.

According to the functional profile, each building has a particular facade. In such a way, the main school building features timber cladding, glass walls and huge 5 meter high granite stones, which hold the entrance gallery ceiling. It gives the building a unique look and reflects synthesis of arts long history tradition in Saint Petersburg architecture style. The campus blocks, are put on the plastic and transparent ribbon, the allows students, stuff and visitors to have all necessary infrastructure, such as coworkings, cafes, library, lounge areas etc. Campus surfaces are more ordered and tranquil and have differently colored honeycomb pattern that both comfort the students and give a friendly and busy look of the campus.

It is important to say that the spatial structure generates a lot of interesting and memorable areas, both within the buildings and in the exterior areas. All of these spaces will have distinctive visual style, though ,that will help its usability and visual comfort.

In the school building functional zones are compound around the vast atrium that connects to the entrance hall, reception, hackathon and other open access areas. On the first floor there are different activities blocks, such as:

- convertible theater for 1000 visitors

- sport center with water pool, V-ball, fitness center

- quantorium (technopark) for 3d modeling, graphic design, VR, prototype classes, bio quantum,

- food court and restaurant block for 1000 people and 200 visitors.

- art center with classes

Project team: Evgenia Ermoshko, Valentin Kogan, Daria Bril, Anastasia Shnitko, Maria Polozova,

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