Hotel building on Ligovky prospect

The hotel is located оп а lot, which has irregular jagged boundaries and sits in а highly regulated zaning area, amidst listed historic buildings. The building refers to inner-Ыock construction and creates the environment of courtyards, rather than streets. Saint Petersburg courtyards have their own esthetics, which we believe needs to Ье reflected in expressive modern architecture.



Basement parking lot, food court and hotel offices оп the first floor are gathered in а 2-storey Ыосk, which faces the street but in the center of the lot dynamically grows into а tower, to which all the facets of the "rock" adhere.


Sharp angles of the building resulted from compliance with insolation regulations for the neighboring apartment buildings. Lines of sunrays sculpt the facade from all its sides, farming а sharp-angled rock, which sits оп top of the central tawer Ыосk.

Corten steel

We've chosen to cover the facades with Corten steel panels because we think it's а beautifully bold combination of active, sharp geometry of the building and deep, rich texture and color of this focade material.

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