Business centre on the corner of Kirochnaia and Novgorodskaya streets

The building lat is lacated an the corner of Kirochnoyo and Novgorodskaya streets and is surrounded by listed historic buildings of Behli factory, "Nevskaya Ratusha" complex and industrial buildings from the Soviet его.



Stacked up four-storey volumes give balance and wholeness to the overall design. Contrary to the
commonly found impersonal, solid "walls" from the first up to the top floor, we've created а group of orchitectural volumes, which gradually step away from the street and аге perceived as а system of ascending terraces.


The entrance orch and portal аге formed Ьу а single elliptic shape - а white "ship" is soiling from behind the colonnade of "Nevskaya Ratusha", carrying distinct white cubes of the upper floors.

Divercity and transoarancy

Brick Behli factory, which is located further away from the streets, becomes а important part of the spatial composition as it visually and conceptually enriches the environ­ment both outside and inside the business center. We adhere fully to the principle of showcasing and incorporating of the existing structures into our project.

Glass glue

Distinct dimensional volumes of the business center аге put together with the help of so-called "glass glue". These fluid glass fillers, tucked away between white office fa­cades, cover up а system af puЫic spaces, create beautiful light and shadows and give depth to the facade Ыocks.

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