Chernaia Rechka residential district in Saint Petersburg
ZDS Chernaya Rechka is the biggest SLOI Architects project, which is going to Ье built in the near future.


Rejuvenation of the "llyich" plant's territory presupposes 3-stage construction of 300,000 square meters of residential housing. The apartment buildings face two embankments, Chernaya Rechka and Vyborgskaya, and are surrounded Ьу "RiverSide" apartment complex, "Raduga", the l 950s buildings оп Klimo­va square and other buildings from the late-Soviet period.



We have decided to stay away from "multihousing", chaotism and pseudo-classicism and move towards а structured variety of alternating facade elements, which have а certain rhythm and flow. White terracotta, dark brown brick and glistening composite panels make similar facade details look fresh and distinct, even in such large-scale construction.

"Step and the tower" approach

The additional silhouette is created Ьу "Step and Tower" elements. The volumes of white steps rise to the top of the facades, where they are met Ьу the towers, but it is оп the fщ:ade of the neighboring building that they start going down.This approach moves our focus from the actual di­mensions of the buildings and creates а few interconnected rhythms within а consistent facade. Towers from dark angobed bricks become attroctive accents оп the corners of this residential
Ыосk, Beloostrovskaya street and the apartment complex's inner boule­vard.

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