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Multifunctional development and landscaped amenities next to San Galli Park

A multifunctional complex consisting of a 300-room hotel, an office building, and
residential buildings for 120 owners has been designed on the biggest undeveloped
land lot in the historic center of Saint Petersburg adjacent to the cultural heritage
buildings – the former cast-iron foundry and mechanical plant and San Galli Park. In
close proximity to the plot are lots of valuable historic sites of Saint Petersburg,
including Vosstaniya Square, the Moskovsky Railway Station and Nevsky prospect.


The neighbouring San Galli Park inspired us to create a transparent dimensional
composition, where all its functional zones are visually connected with the parkland.
Therefore, the residential development, divided into 3 buildings with green spaces in-
between, looks as though it takes in the greenery of the park and lets it pass through.
These green areas flow through the residential buildings towards the office building,
where they climb up the balconies all the way to the roof. As a result, the recreational
context receives a significant development and gets incorporated into all parts of the

The hotel and the office building merge into one architectural volume, parallel to the
park and visible between the residential buildings, and form the background of the
composition. While the hotel descends to the cultural heritage buildings and Ligovsky
prospect in a series of blocks, creating a welcoming courtyard, the office building, on the
contrary, is formed through a system of balconies engraved on the façade, which
ascends to the roof in a series of levels. Green recreation areas on every floor of the
office building become an important part of the overall landscape concept. The Corten-
steel-covered facades are organized by 2 and 3-floor wall panels.

A key part of the concept is the diversity in landscaping of the common areas, whose
atmosphere is governed by different factors such as the general character of the
existing and planned development, the amount of direct sunlight, the soil depth.

Therefore, the full-shade areas of the hotel courtyard get Cornus canadensis plants
along with accent planting of Amelanchier canadensis and Ribes alpinum. Sunny areas
are planted with grasses and ornamental perennials. Multi-level planting fulfil a valuable
zoning function and the chosen diverse planting patterns convey naturalism and


Total floor area – 15 630 sq.m.
Total underground area – 3 000 sq.m.
Stories above the ground – 9
Façade materials – Corten steel, aluminum window systems
Architects: Valentin Kogan, Ilia Ermolaev, Daria Bril, Kira Prozenko
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