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Forerst Cemetry Columbarium in Riga (competition)


For the visitor the project creates a sequence of evolutioning elements, whose shapes develop from a more simple volume - a big sea rock - to something more complex and sophisticated - a canoe, maybe even a space capsule. On the one hand, this principle builds a monumental sculptural group, on the other hand, a system of walls and aisles which function as a columbarium. This row of transforming elements is a nods to the idea of a myriad of parallel worlds, or just a myriad of reflections, shadows of one world, where we live an infinite number of times.

In our project a canoe, an ancient symbol of crossing into the other world, emerges through a change of a simple natural form of a sea rock into an anthropomorphic shape - a boat. Placed on their sides, barely touching the ground, the canoes let the light through from all directions, visually almost dissolving in this light.

The spatial pattern has been created by parametric means in Grasshopper in such a way that the site gets divided into segments, in which volume elements get built via variable parameters and different geometric foundations. After creating a definition code, we considered a few different angles of turn for the sculptural group and found the most fitting for this site and for the ease of navigation.

We propose a complete landscaping plan of the forest cemetery, which features a navigation system, outdoor furniture, an illumination system and a surveillance system. All these landscaping elements are made from durable materials - concrete, corten steel, hardened wood.
Concrete benches with wooden seats and small tables for one or two persons will complement the design. There will also be two kinds of information boards made from corten steel on concrete foundation.

For visual comfort during the dark hours we propose a complex illumination of the forest cemetery, which features custom-made corten steel lights.
A non-obtrusive surveillance system will be built into the sculptural elements of the columbarium so that it doesn't impair the perception of form.

The spiral paving pattern with built-in lights illuminates the sculptures, which intensifies the effect of their levitation.

Each volume is a ventilated facade, which is hung on a metal dimentional form, positioned on a concrete foundation. This solution allows to make the necessary number of niches on one side of the wall between the construction wall elements.

Valentin Kogan, Ilia Ermolayev, Alexey Olenik, Alexander Rykachev, Maria Volter
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