Residential development on the corner of Ligovsky prospect and Riazansky street
The site for this project is located in the central district of Saint Petersburg and faces one of the busiest thoroughfares of the city, Ligovsky prospect, with two smaller streets on either side. The main objective of the project was to revamp a neglected area in the city centre and to design a building with both residential and commercial space, which would feature sustainable solutions and fit into the architectural context of the neighborhood.

We designed a self-sufficient building, consisting of three blocks: two office sections with a residential block in between. The entrance to the residential block is organized from an enclosed stretched courtyard from the north, thus isolating residents from the noise and pollution of Ligovsky prospect and providing them with more privacy. From the south the residential section overlooks a quiet street and features a lower scale of architectural forms. Both office blocks face Ligovsky prospect from the east and an intersection of two busy roads from the west, but with triple glazing, soundproofing and advanced air filtering the office space becomes a quiet and comfortable place to work in.

High density of buildings, old factories, constantly congested streets and lack of greenery contribute to serious air pollution and excessive heat in the neighborhood. That is why an extensive green roof would solve many problems with air conditioning, air filtering, insulation, and on top of that would give residents some outdoor green leisure space.

Along with many historic buildings in Eclectic and Art Nouveau styles, the neighborhood also features a variety of red brick buildings of the 19th century. It was important to blend our new structure into the historical context of the area, so the character of the building continues the tradition of brick architecture and the general façade uses brick as the main finishing material. The building features facade elements of different scale, which respond to different types of urban environment. Thus, the commercial part of the building which faces the busy street appears as a combination of a glass cylinder and intense brick shapes, creating a monumental look. The residential part, on the other hand, has more gentle shapes and details and it is shaped with a rhythmical set of elongated red brick and glass surfaces.
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