St. Elizabeth emergency building in Saint Petrsburg
The goal of the project is to create an emergency building to link the existing hospital via underground and above the ground passages.

Location: Saint Petersburg, 14 Vavilovich street.

The site area - 45 000 sq.m.

Total floor area - 28 000 sq.m.

Building footprint - 6180 sq.m.

Stories above the ground - 4+ technical level


- X-ray diagnostics

- gravitational blood surgery

- shock patient department

- emergency room department

- microbiological analysis

- education and conference area

- central sterile services department

The concept provides direct and quick care for emergency patients, separate ambulance car boxes, and adjacent location of the diagnostics departments for faster transferring between different patient flows in case of changing patient status, and many other advantages which makes the building unique for Saint Petersburg.

The site is located in the north of Saint Petersburg within the boundaries of the existing st. Elizabeth hospital. The ER is a fourth storey building connected with the existing hospital in the 0, 1, 2, 4 floors.

The visual concept features dynamically compounded façade elements, which create a distinctive emphasis in the panorama of Severniy prospect. The acuteness of the plan reflects in the façade frame, and divides it into the three parts:

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