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BIG ROOF - competition entry for girl's development centre in Nepal

The proposed design meets the plot's restrictions and characteristics to the benefit of the project, creating a sucession of connected blocks, which are crowned with a system of sloped roofs.
This kind of roofing, apart from protecting the parking lot, the entrance area and many terraces from the sun and rain forms a robust and memorable silhouette. From the north-east the roof connects to a cozy garden, covering the spacious terrace on the 2nd floor.

The concept turns the construction scheme into a visual feature of the building. It is based on the wood frame of poles and beams which bear wooden trusses. It all creates a unique and authentic impression of the building from the outside. In the interior this natural texture creates a homelike and elaborate atmosphere. Between the poles there are non-bearing walls made of perforated brick layings, timber lamels and glass windows.
An Important feature of the concept is the use of local construction materials, such as wood and bricks, which reduces costs and optimizes the construction process. Each roof slope has a vertical skylight lantern with transparent grids, giving indirect light from the northern side and helping to cool indoor spaces and rooms. The rooftop also, allows use of solar panels.

The concept highlights three function groups:
1. reception and administrative group on the 1st floor
2. education spaces of the 1st and 2nd floors
3. shelter and rest area on the 2nd floor

The entrance area outside the building is divided into two parts. There are 2 parking lots for cars and many racks for bikes and scooters. The parking area flowes into a welcoming green patio in front of the reception hall. The educational area occupies a lounge/foyer area with an open timber staircase to the 2nd floor. The interior design of classrooms is guided by the wooden trusses. The resting block has its separated from the rest of the building, has its own stairs. And each unit features a small terrace.

The future users of the building will meet their educational needs, surrounded by fresh and welcoming design. They will also feel secure and comfortable in any season.

Project team: Valentine Kogan, Evgenia Ermoshko, Maria Kaganovich, Daria Bryl, Ilia Ermolaev

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