The community center is composed of two buildings - the upper and the lower. They are separated according to how they function and interact with the landscape but are connected by paths.

The upper building, perched on a sloping hillside to take advantage of views, has landmark qualities. It's a space where local residents and travelers relax, enjoy the beauty of the land, socialize, grow and share food, and participate in community events.

The lower building, which is comprised of various facilities and offices, becomes a place of more hands-on activities: this is where the local residents recycle and reuse.

The lower building unfolds in a red sequence and becomes a color beacon in the landscape, a visual reference point from afar. It has convenient access for cars and trucks because of its proximity to the main road, and therefore, the parking lot is sited next to it. There is a waste collection area along the north façade for easy pickup and drop-off. The same approach as the one in use at the moment - accessing the waste containers from two levels and two directions - has been applied.

The upper and lower buildings are connected by a step walkway and an unpaved lane for electric vehicles. The main entrance into the upper building is located on the north side, but the entrance via the steps in the inclined support pole creates more of a sense of adventure. The structural concept plays a key role in this building: there are two rings of the metal frame, which are interconnected by braces in all directions. With glass facades all around, this transparent volume visually floats in the landscape, it only rests on the ground in one point, and on the reinforced concrete pole in the other. While walking around the community center, one can always hide from rain, snow or sun under this large-scale canopy and take in the views.

All spaces in the top building are arranged in a circular flow and form a ring, which creates epic views over the surrounding landscape. The roof of the ring is a system of skylights which provide additional natural light to all the rooms and produces a silhouette, which was influenced by the Icelandic mythology. Ideas of the circular sustainability and community circles were the sources of inspiration in this project.

Team: Valentin Kogan, Alexey Oleynik, Ilia Ermolayev, Daria, Bril, Anastasia Shnitko, Maria Polozova;
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